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Cardholder regulations

1. "galleriacard" is the discount network created by Associazione "Salotto di Milano", an association with registered office at Via S. Pellico 8, Milan (Italy), website:, e-mail:
The discounts offered by "galleriacard" can be used exclusively by the "galleriacard" holder, except in the cases indicated under clause 8 below.
2. "galleriacard" and the related advantages can be enjoyed by all those who will collect the Card from any of the participating stores/bars/restaurants.
3. "galleriacard" is the property of Associazione "Salotto di Milano".
Any reproduction is specifically forbidden.
4. "galleriacard" shall be valid as from the date of issue to 31 December 2010.
5. "galleriacard" is not subject to any daily limit. In order to be able to receive the discount, the Card must be handed before issue of the related receipt. "galleriacard" entitles you to receive a discount only if you have the Card with you at the time when you are making the purchase.
6. Associazione "Salotto di Milano" may amend these regulations at any time. Such amendments shall become effective 10 days after posting on this website.
7. "galleriacard" entitles Cardholders to receive a discount at participating stores and facilities, which can be identified by the logos displayed on their windows. Participating stores/bars/restaurants are marked in red on the Card's "accompanying brochure".
8. As an exception to clause 1, paragraph 2, "galleriacard" can be used also by the persons who are accompanying the Cardholder. For example, if you have a drink with a group of friends, the discount will be applied to the overall bill.
9. "galleriacard" cannot be used in conjunction with meal vouchers.
10. All business owners participating in the "galleriacard" scheme have undersigned a participation form with Associazione "Salotto di Milano" and are obliged to apply a minimum 10% (ten percent) discount. Such discount cannot be applied to and cumulated with the discounts offered during the sales seasons.
In the event of failure to comply with the above, the business owner will be excluded from the scheme.
11. "SEAMI" and "CLUB SEA" Cards: any and all discounts, rights and conditions applicable to the "galleriacard" holders under these Regulations shall extend to the holders of the "Seami" and "Club Sea" Cards issued by SEA (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali di Linate e Malpensa or Malpensa and Linate Airports Association).
12. Associazione "Salotto di Milano" will not take part to any disputes which may arise between participating business owners and the "galleriacard" holders.
13. Any and all disputes relating to the performance, termination or interpretation of these Regulations shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.
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